Sales Sewist T&C's

Sales Sewist positions at HWSA Fabrics are available for a 3 month period per rotation. We are not selective about who has a go at the positions, nobody is turned down - all applicants names remain in the list until they have had their turn, at which time their name will be removed & they will be eligible to reapply 6 months after their Sales Sewist Position is finished. There will be only one sewist in any one state per rotation, and an even mix or photography levels, sewing abilities, and items sewn by the sewist.


As a Sales Sewist you will be required to:

  • Sew at least one item using the free materials provided - you may use materials from other suppliers (chain store, online, and/or other custom fabric designers/printers) on the condition that you credit each supplier for each fabric you used from them.
  • Post at least once a fortnight in one of the 5 specified groups upon your position appointment - this could be an item you've sewn with our materials, the materials themselves, a pre-order advert, a sale post (if any sales are active), or a post about our available retail or retail reserve.
  • Use the free materials for personal use ONLY - you may sew items for yourself, your family, your pets, or your close friends but NOT for sale (Scraps and leftovers may be used for whatever you choose - including sales).

As a Sales Sewist you will receive:

  • Free materials from each round that arrives during your 3 month position period - the amounts will vary based on the items the sewist most commonly makes (Fat Half & Half Metres for sewists who make small items like wallets, clutches, bibs, hats, bags, reusable pads, MCNs etc. 1 metre for sewists who make medium items like babies & childrens clothing, swaddles, blankets, pram liners, cushions, backpacks etc. 2 metres for those who make large items like adults clothing, sheet sets, teepees etc.) Material will be in the print and base chosen by the sewist.
  • Free shipping on all orders, including the free materials sent for promotional sewing
  • 40% off all materials purchased during your 3 month period as a Sales Sewist