Nappy Panel 11 - Round 4 What's So Punny

Nappy Panel 11 - Round 4 What's So Punny

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50cm x 70cm (great for undies & nappies)

Half co-ordinate print, half panel print. panel print image measures maximum of 12cm x 12cm

This pre-order is open from 13/07/2019 until 28/07/2019 at 8pm AEST. As this is a pre-order item, dispatch will occur 6-8 weeks after the pre-order round closes.


Please note, every effort is taken to ensure colours are as accurate as possible, however there may be variation due to changes in the printing process or individual monitor screens. Slight flaws & markings may occur on the fabrics during the printing process. Anything that is smaller than a 5c piece will be deemed okay for use, however this is at discretion and I will do my best to ensure that fabrics are sent flawless. Flawed fabrics with markings larger than a 5c piece will not be distributed. 

  • Any glitter effects are printed - not actual glitter.